A look back at the webserver

Another update on my webserver

Webserver Updates

A update on my webserver!

Migrating to a custom blogging backend

I decided to write a custom webserver in rust for my blog. I think its a good idea?

Nixops to Deploy-rs

migrating from nixops to deploy-rs

Archlinux with secureboot on a nvidia machine

I did i figured out how to install arch with secureboot and nvidia's proprietary drivers

Nixops the future of deploying applications?

I switched to nixops a terrraform like tool for managing nixos system. Is it the future of deploying to servers?

Installing NixOS on a Running Install of Arch Linux

Committing war cwimes installing nixos on a running arch linux install :3

Why you should use Neovim

Neovim is a fork of vim with a ton of new features, this post is why you should switch to neovim

Flatpaking Github Desktop Pt2: GPG

Back at it again fixing issues in the github desktop flatpak

My Adventure Flatpaking Github Desktop Pt1

I flatpaked github desktop. This is basically how I got started with the flatpak.

Raspbian TV

A glimpse at a project I failed to get off the ground for various reasons

Self hosting pros and cons

A nuanced look at self hosting as someone who self hosts

Self hosting part 3

Automating Dynamic IP updates in cloudlfare for my blog

Self hosting part 2

All plans fail when confronted with reality. Recovering from the loss and moving towards a working self hosted blog

Self hosting

Self hosting my hugo blog on a local system

Arch install automation

automating re-installing arch using Anisble(I'm not even sure now why i did this since after this I never re-installed arch on the server...)

Ultimate arch linux setup

Recently after distro-hopping I came back to Arch Linux. It was perfect for me and I really can't move to another distro without missing the AUR This a guide to get what I like as a perfect arch setup

How to setup Dockerised darkweb website

A website now with the power of TOR on the darkweb

How to setup a darkweb IRC

Run a IRC server on the Dark Web through the power of TOR and Docker